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Business Computer Hardware and Software Sales:

From hardware and software incompatibility, to antivirus slowing down your network, to backups that don’t work, we’ve seen it all.

That means we know what your business needs, and we’ll save you precious time and money by quickly identifying the problem and getting to work.

Whether you’re in need of a brand new IT system, or simply seeking upgrades and improvements for your existing one, we provide adequate solutions that are resource-conscious.

Our service includes:

  • Installation: Let us do the hard part. We’ll install your new hardware and software efficiently and effectively.
  • 3 Year Prosnet Warranty: We know the frustration of extensive turn-around times. But with the Prosnet warranty, you’ll have your faulty hardware fixed and delivered within one business day — max.
  • Maintenance: Ensure longevity and peak-performance for your IT equipment with our ProActive It Plans.

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