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Prosnet Business Technologies delivers tailored IT solutions Australia-wide. Our seasoned engineers remotely monitor, maintain, and optimize your infrastructure, aligning cutting-edge technology with your business objectives. With proactive management, in-depth analytics, swift responsiveness, we provide peace of mind, enabling you to focus on driving growth. Experience maximum control over your Sydney, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast operations with our fully managed, scalable IT services.

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When our growing manufacturing business needed to overhaul our outdated IT systems, we turned to Prosnet Business Technologies. Their team worked closely with us to design and implement a modern, secure IT environment tailored to our needs.

Prosnet’s meticulous project management ensured the complex upgrade went smoothly with minimal disruptions. We’ve been impressed by their technical expertise and attentive support.

Now our IT is fully optimized thanks to Prosnet’s ongoing managed services. Their diligence gives us confidence our technology can scale with our business long-term.

David Lione, Sunrise Metal Solutions

When our company was going through a period of rapid growth, our existing IT infrastructure was struggling to keep up. We knew we needed to upgrade our systems, but didn’t have the in-house expertise to properly plan and execute such a large-scale IT project.

That’s when we turned to the team at Prosnet Business Technologies for their fully managed IT services. From the initial consultation, their engineers took the time to truly understand our business needs and objectives. They worked closely with our team to develop a tailored solution that would provide the performance, security, and scalability to support our company’s growth long into the future.

Once the project plan was in place, Prosnet’s diligence and attention to detail was outstanding. Their technicians worked tirelessly, often after hours, to minimise disruptions while upgrading our servers, networks, cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity systems. Throughout the process, they provided regular status reports so we always knew what stage we were at.

The result has been an IT environment that is lightyears ahead of where we were previously. Our systems are fast, reliable and secure – giving our staff the tools they need to be productive and our customers the quality service they expect. What’s more, we know our IT is being proactively monitored and maintained by Prosnet, allowing us to focus on our core business priorities.

Thanks to Prosnet’s expertise and professionalism, what could have been an extremely disruptive IT upgrade turned into a smooth, successful transition. We’re extremely grateful for their managed services and would recommend them to any Australian business looking to get their IT running at peak performance.

Michael Thompson, Austral Capital Partners

Switching to Prosnet for our IT needs was the best decision we made. Their team, led by Neil, ensures our systems run smoothly, allowing us to focus on what we do best – serving our clients. Their proactive approach and swift support have saved us time and money. Highly recommend Prosnet to any business seeking reliable IT services.

Sarah Thompson, Brightfuture Solutions

We have been using Prosnet for years now and we would not go anywhere else! Prosnet team is very professional and knowledgeable. For us, we are not IT experts so knowing someone is looking after our server and can answer our questions in a non technical way is great. Prosnet do monthly check ups and ensure things are running smoothly or rectify them if they aren’t before we are even aware of a problem. We class them as part of our business.

Sally Desch, HRM Contracting and Consulting

We have found Prosnet to be fantastic to deal with. We were having all sorts of IT hardware issues, which were costing us time, frustration and money. Prosnet redesigned our hardware infrastructure and implemented the design. The result has been fantastic!

Our hardware system has stabilised to the point where we have forgotten how bad it was before. If we do have any issues, Prosnet are on our doorstep within a couple of hours at most. We have no hesitation recommending Prosnet. They are very professional!

Rob Outridge, Outridges IGA Group

Prosnet has proven to be a professional IT Hardware and Support Company for our business. As we have grown they have been able to provided us with excellent support and are always attentive to our needs. They have been eager and will to work with our other industry suppliers to ensure our IT needs are met.

Walter Hurst, Prince's IGA Group

Prosnet have worked with me over the years to setup an effective orthodontic practice computer network. My experience told me that I needed a system that was fairly robust because if your computer system crashes and loses data it more than ruins your day, it ruins your month! I could say that our system has performed well despite power surges, blown fuses, lightning storms and blackouts.

On the odd occasion when disaster strikes, Prosnet team came to the rescue and got us going again in an effective and efficient manner. The techs are always friendly and understanding. They are also happy to work with other IT professionals if you are like us and have specialised programs to maintain. Thanks for your help over the years; we look forward to many more. I would happily recommend Prosnet to others.

Dr Patrick Hannan, Ocean Orthodontics

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