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Are you looking for the best value Virtual Servers & Remote Desktop Connection RDP?  We got you covered!

Business owners and executives are always looking to save money. By using virtualization techniques it is possible to load all of your essential programs into a virtual environment, and then deliver them, to your employees via remote connection or remote desktop app.

Prosnet desktop virtualization solution offers Remote Desktop Services, formerly known as terminal services and thin client solution. These products allow users to establish a remote access from most devices to a virtual server and enables them to use their applications and files hosted on this server.

Benefits of Virtual Servers and Remote Access:

  • Cost savings in some cases comparing to local networks.
  • Standardization – have the same/similar desktop available to everyone.
  • Accelerate desktop & application deployment.
  • Help secure data and applications – higher degree of control.
  • Increase remote worker efficiency.
  • Lower support/maintenance costs.

The user experience is the same as on their local desktop, however their session is hosted and processed on a server rather than their desktop.

This cost-effective infrastructure platform is suitable for any type of organization, particularly those who might want to save costs of stand-alone workstations or companies with a roaming workforce. This could be suitable for contractors, remote workers and corporate workers that may need to work from home.

This is how Prosnet Remote Desktop Solutions will help you cuts costs. You will find substantial cost savings by not having to buy and then maintain high-end workstations complete with software licenses for each. The growing popularity of cloud and remote computing presents options to equip your entire organization with thin client terminals that only require minimal hardware and Internet access. Together with our Cloud Services and Web Hosting Services this forms a complete package of Office Network Solutions for any business.

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