IT Service Level Agreement (SLA)

IT Service Level Agreements (SLA) describes our commitment to provide the following services:

A) Business IT Support for Network Infrastructure
B) Computer Repairs, Hardware and Software Maintenance.
C) Supply, replacement and upgrading of IT Components.

Hours of Coverage

The standard procedures in this Agreement are followed from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Businesses may request support for urgent issues during non-business hours.

Incident Management Services Goals

The Prosnet subject matter expert or other knowledgeable staff member will respond by telephone to the business’ incident (submitted through Remedy or an e-mail message) within:

  • Two hour (during coverage hours) for issues classified as urgent.
  • Four hours (during coverage hours) for issues classified as normal priority.
  • Eight hours (during coverage hours) for issues classified as low priority.
Priority Response time* Escalates every
Low 8 2 hours
Medium 4 1 hour
High 2 30 minutes
* Response times are listed in business hours

A resolution may not be available at the time Prosnet contacts the business, in which case Prosnet will attempt to estimate the “time to resolution.” The business and appropriate Prosnet staff will mutually determine an issue’s priority classification.

Supported Services and Charges

Services Provided:

  • Technical Support for PC Computers, Servers and other hardware (for example, printers) covered in this Agreement
  • Technical Support for software and administrative applications.
  • Technical Support for Network Devices and Cabling.
  • Supply or replace any IT Components including: Servers, workstations, Network Devices, software and applications, Security and Presentation systems and any other IT Components required.
  • System and Software installation
  • System and Network upgrades.
  • Multi Location and internal Network connectivity.
  • Recommendations for new hardware/software purchases.

Prosnet will provide Phone IT Support, Remote IT Support and Onsite IT Support to address issues when possible. All parties agree to direct issues to Prosnet, and to escalate issues as needed in order to provide the user with a timely response.


Standard Current Rates apply to all commenced work outside of SLA.

Party Responsibilities

Business’ Responsibilities:

Business agrees to:

  • Follow appropriate procedures.
  • Consult the Prosnet for System Upgrades and New Software Installation
  • Purchase PC and related hardware and software according to Prosnet recommendations.
  • Determine appropriate Remedy issue priority (low, medium, high or urgent) in cooperation with Prosnet.
  • Request and schedule special services (for example, installation of new equipment, after-hours support) well in advance.
  • Pay all charges associated with services rendered.
  • Not install computer hardware and software without consultation and Prosnet recommendation.
  • Be aware of and adhere to the Computing and Networking Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Be willing and available to provide critical information to Prosnet when seeking to resolve a business issue.

Prosnet’s Responsibilities

General Responsibilities:

  • Create and add appropriate documentation to the business.
  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to business issues.
  • Maintain appropriately trained staff.
  • Keep job History of all business support work and upgrades.

Maintenance Responsibilities:

  • Schedule maintenance of Server and Computer systems every 6 months.
  • Schedule maintenance of Network Devices every 6 months.
  • Repair any failing or address issues founded during maintenance process.

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