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Do you have IT Disaster Recovery Plans in place?

Have you tested your backup lately? What happens to your business if your office burns down?

Data Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Plans

Every smart business owner knows the importance of creating a disaster recovery plan checklist template. What many don’t realize is that while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of small localized problems.

Would you be able to recover from an equipment failure, a devastating crypto virus which wipes all your data or a fire in the server room for instance?

We have helped many of our clients to create a IT Disaster Recovery Plan; a road map for the continuation and/or restoration of IT systems and its functions.

What is the IT disaster recovery plan purpose? What are the IT disaster recovery plan objectives? What are the IT disaster recovery plan benefits?

We always begin with a IT Disaster Recovery Plan Audit and provide the most suitable recommendation for your particular situation. Taking to the consideration the size of your business database, internet connection speed and ongoing backup maintenance (backup testing). Check out our ProActive IT Plans for more details.

Let us help to protect your company data against the disasters that can literally put you out of business! 

Business Database Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Plan Examples

In-House/Office Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Plans

A lot of our clients use thoroughly tested in-house/offline backup strategy. This is a complete backup solution for small business which use robust RDX drives. These are used for daily & weekly rotation, with daily backup drives kept on-site and weekly ones off-site. As part of out ProActive IT Plans you will also receive IT Disaster Recovery Plan checklist template to keep your staff accountable for rotating the backup media. For further protection our servers come with Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed for the ultimate data protection.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Our Cloud Backup Services provide an easy and fully automated way to secure your business database, removing the responsibility from your team normally associated with on-premises backup solutions.

We offer Cloud Backup for small business and corporate clients. All backups are encrypted in transit and when stored online in hardened world-class data centers.  

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