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Buying IT equipment can be very expensive when you get it wrong!

Hardware and Software Incompatibility, Antivirus slowing down your network, backups that don’t work and the list goes on…  We have seen it all before and we know what works, which saves you time and money when buying a new IT system.

If you are looking for a new or simply upgrading existing IT Systems, we have the the best value IT solution for your business.

3 Year Prosnet Warranty:

Register for our Full SLA Service and this automatically includes our 3 Year Prosnet Warranty on hardware.

This is not your average manufacturer warranty!  No need to send your faulty hardware to authorized service and wait weeks on end to get it fixed.

With the Prosnet warranty we take care of it, from pick up to drop off, back in your office. All within the same or next business day providing parts availability.


As a part of a purchase, we will arrange for the installation of your new hardware and software quickly and effectively. 


We want your IT equipment to perform at peak and last and last! Our ProActive It Plans and IT Service Level Agreements SLA are designed to do just that.

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